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May 05, 2021 - Landstar launches new SolAqua TownHomes Project and Updated Website

What We Heard

Concern Previous Proposal Current Proposal Discussion
Height 10 stories 2-3 stories The project now reflects a form and character more compatible with the neighborhood within West Kelowna and Adjacent to Westbank First Nations Land
Number of Units 550 residential units 45-60 residential units The decrease in the total residential build out will address concern for massing, traffic, emergency access/egress, sensitivity to hillside and duration of construction
Fit with Area Context Considered too dense and objected to high rise form Duplex Townhouse form Design and layout of the strata development along an internal lane allows for an efficient use of the land
Aesthetics Concern for impact with height and density Quality design and finishes for the townhomes Project will allow for a diversity of townhouse design within the context of a comprehensively planned neighbourhood