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Feb 09, 2022 – Sol Aqua Townhomes Project City of West Kelowna Public Hearing – See ‘Opportunities For Public Input’

Townhouse Project

The conceptual plan included in this website provides a close approximation of the intended development in terms of form, character and layout on the particular site.  At approximately 45-60 townhouse units created in the form of duplexes in a strata format, the plan uses the site in a very efficient way.  The footprint is kept to the lowest elevation above Campbell Road, while all of the homes are accessed along an internal laneway.  Access/Egress to Campbell Road is via two strategic entries that ensure safety and capacity.

Design of the housing forms will respect their hillside setting and the context of the Casa Loma/Campbell Road neighbourhood.  Maximum height will reflect typical single-family or duplex arrangements, measuring not greater than 9 meters (2.5 storeys) in accordance to the R3 Zone, City of West Kelowna.

Parking for each unit will be accommodated in attached garages and on-site/driveways to minimize street parking of vehicles.  With at least four spaces for each home, visitor or recreational vehicle parking will not obstruct the laneway or roadway.

The upper portion above the residential block will be protected in its natural state in perpetuity.  A development covenant will be registered against title to ensure that the environmental integrity is protected in accordance to strict guidelines recommended by environmental consultants and authorized by the municipality. Please note, the uplands area where the townhouses are proposed to be located have been taken out of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) since 2013, thereby permitting zoning change from Agricultural (A1) to Low Density Multiple Residential (R3) Zone.

The intent is for the approximately 45-60 units (to be confirmed at DP stage) to be developed in a strata format, allowing for a unified and comprehensive community.  The strata road will adhere to municipal standards of design, allowing emergency access as well as safe movement of local traffic.  Access to boat marina parking (slip) will be associated with each townhome strata unit.

SolAqua Townhomes are expected to be of particular interest to residents of the Casa Loma neighbourhood and surrounding area as new housing options for downsizing or changing lifestyles. Two- and three-bedroom duplex townhomes, with high quality residential finishes, and exceptional lakefront views would form a unique and attractive, highly sought-after, residential community