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May 05, 2021 - Landstar launches new SolAqua TownHomes Project and Updated Website

Project History

The SolAqua Townhouses project has changed in size and scope over the years to better fit West Kelowna’s needs and concerns. The proposed design now includes a maximum of 45-60 multi-family (townhouse) residential units and a pier and moorage facility (for 241 boat slips).

The SolAqua Townhouses project is still currently in the initial design discussion phase, and therefore a definite unit count has not yet been determined.

Previously the design had a much larger impact on the surrounding area, as seen below, but the project has undergone multiple revisions and has since been scaled back significantly.

The project team is actively working to ensure that the design meets the areas needs and concerns, while still providing a cohesive and viable development. The former design options that were proposed are as follows:

  • Previous 2019 Design: 322 multi-family units and 120 hotel units (this design has since been discarded)
  • Previous 2020 Design: 150-172 multi-family units (this design has since been discarded)


Current Plan: 45-60 multi-family townhouse units

Illustration showing concept of approximately 45 townhouse units in duplex format