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Feb 09, 2022 – Sol Aqua Townhomes Project City of West Kelowna Public Hearing – See ‘Opportunities For Public Input’

Agricultural Parcel Information

Landstar Developments believes that the agricultural parcel of their ownership is integral to the proposed community project.  Although a relatively small area of land, there is opportunity to enhance the 7 acre farm and maximize the potential of the quality soils.

A senior leading Agrologist has confirmed the high quality of grape growing soils on this site. The orchard trees have reached their maximum life expectancy and need to be replaced allowing the farm to be restored to vineyards and associated uses.

Along with the vineyard, the farm can accommodate a small winery/tasting room as well as greenhouses and farmgate retail.  ALC regulations will permit a vineyard operator/winery to complement this land with other holdings in the Okanagan.

The intent is to lease the entire farm to a farmer that can sub-let components (eg. winery or farmgate and greenhouses) thereby ensuring best use and protection of the farmland, while offering farm produce and agri-tourism benefit to West Kelowna.